One of the main pillars of the Poseidon Med II project is to develop the critical mass of LNG supply points in East Mediterranean. This will be achieved by establishing all necessary infrastructure in the area, starting from the LNG import terminal of Revithoussa, the Port of Piraeus and at core ports of Greece, Cyprus and Venice in Italy

Piraeus Port

The Port of Piraeus is the largest Greek seaport and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and the whole of Europe, with more than 2,500 employees who provide services to more than 40,000 ships and 20,000,000 passengers every year.

Number of ships per year : 17,440 (2015 data, (Includes passenger and cargo vessels)

Number of passengers per year : 17,488,014 (includes costal, cruise and ferry lines)

Number of vehicles per year : 341,386 (includes import, export and transit cars)

Number of TEUS : 3,323,353

(Data for the year 2015)

Photos of Port are available here.

Piraeus port -

Heraklion Port

Heraklion in Crete, is an important shipping port and ferry dock. Travellers can take ferries and boats to destinations including the Greek islands and Piraeus, the port of Athens in mainland Greece.

Number of ships per year : Ferries: 2,500 - Cruise ships: 170

Number of passengers per year : Ferry passengers: 1,5 million - Cruise passengers: 250,000

Number of vehicles per year : Cars: 148,287 - Trucks: 119,932 - Motorbikes: 20,585 - Buses: 3,785

Number of TEUS : 19,551

(Data for the year 2015)

Photos of Port are available here.

Heraklion port -

Patra Port

The port of Patra is the Greek gateway to Europe and one of the most modern ports in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Arrivals : International: 1,478 - National: 81

Passengers : International: 481,462 - National: 70,739

Cars: International: 92,026 - National: 14,021

Campers : International : 5,489 - National : 517

Vans-Mini Buses : International: 604 - National: 0

Buses : International: 2,072 - National: 4

2-Wheels : International: 5,306 - National: 1,694

Trucks : International: 119,744 - National: 1,197

Trailers : International: 62,128 - National: 0

(Data for the year 2015)

Photos of Port are available here.

Patras port -

Igoumenitsa Port

Igoumenitsa is the main port of Thesprotia and Epirus, and one of the largest passenger ports of Greece, connecting northwestern Mainland Greece with the Ionian Islands and Italy.

Passengers : 2,361,325

Trucks : 239,390

Cars : 523,229

Buses : 15,457

Motorbikes : 24,800

(Data for the year 2015)

Photos of Port are available here.

Igoumenitsa port -

Limassol Port

Limassol Port, a port of multiple uses, is the main port of Cyprus, providing services to ships, loading/unloading of cargo and passenger traffic. The marine area of the port is one sq km and its land area is 1.3 sq km.

Number of ships per year : 2,707

Number of passengers per year : In/Out: 22,807 - Transit: 17,721

Number of vehicles per year : Import: 29,976 - Export: 4,250

Number of TEUS : 634,340

(Data for the year 2015)

Photos of Port are available here.

Limassol port -

Venice Port

Strategically located at the top end of the Adriatic Sea, at the intersection of the main European transport corridors and of the Motorways of the Sea (MoS), the Port of Venice is in a position to act as the European gateway for trade flows to and from Asia.

Number of ships per year : 3,402

Number of passengers per year : 1,755,355

Number of TEUS : 560,301

(Data for the year 2015)

Photos of Port are available here.

Venice port -



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