Synergies & other uses of LNG

There is a range of synergies to be explored for Wider Use of LNG, with other sectors (mainly Energy), in order to create economies of scale, for mutually beneficial strategies. Poseidon MED II aims to assess:

  • The potential of supplying NG, by using a Small Scale LNG supply chain, areas of Western Greece as that of Patras and Igoumenitsa which are no inderconnected to the National Gas Transmission System, for industrial and/or the urban uses. Similarly, assessthe potential of supply with NG the city of Limassol and Vasilikos power plant.
  • Potential use of Natural Gas for marine, power generation, transportation and other uses in the islands of Greek Archipelago. The report will analyse the alternatives and calculate benefits for LNG bunkering but also financial and environmental benefits for the Ports involved.

In order to facilitate the startup of Small Scale LNG supply chain with all possible synergies and increase the security of supply of LNG as marine fuel, a Pilot Truck Loading Station on the island of Revithoussa LNG Import Terminal will be designed

Why promote other uses of LNG:

  • Marine Fuel

The historically high price differential between natural gas/LNG and low emissions oil products necessary to meet the growing restrictions on ship emissions, are key drivers for using LNG as Marine fuel.

  • Road Transport Fuel

LNG is increasingly becoming the most economical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional transportation fuels for heavy-duty trucks and fleets.

  • Off-grid Customers: Industrial – Commercial - Residential

LNG can compete favorably in the heating, commercial, and industrial sectors with conventional fuels such as diesel and propane in areas not currently served by regional pipeline gas infrastructure.

However, Small Scale LNG distribution will also serve high density residential areas & large industrial & commercial customers in Western Greece and the islands.

Development of small scale LNG applications (SSLNG) in Greece:

  • Strategic geographical position
  • Leader global shipping
  • Connections with 162 ports
  • 53 islands (population> 1,000)
  • LNG Terminal in Revithoussa
  • Power Generation on non-Grid interconnected islands
  • High density residential areas and large industrial and commercial customers in Western Greece and the islands, without access to natural gas.
sailling on the LNG era

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